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Your mother’s advice to “stand up straight” is not just a life lesson, it’s important for a great golf swing!

To take a proper address position, stand comfortably erect with your hands resting on your thighs. Your feet will be shoulder width apart or a little narrower. Your left foot will be flared out 20 to 25 degrees. Your right foot will be straight ahead to 10 degrees flared out. With good posture your shoulders will be back but relaxed. Flex your knees (don’t bend) to the ball joints of your feet or a little less. Now, staying tall, tilt your pelvis back (fanny out). Your hands will now be dangling under your erect head. Your spine is relaxed, yet straight. Look down enough to see the ball. Put your hands together and feel like you could steal second base. Your legs are alive and you are not on your toes. You are ready now!

Ladies, if you are well endowed, arms over but relaxed. The other alternative is left arm over and right arm under. These alterations will facilitate an easier turn and swing.

Golf tips provided by Bob Lawrence.

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