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Callaway Performance Center: Las Vegas

Bring your swing to the Callaway Performance Center! We provide trained experts and cutting edge technologies so golfers can discover how Callaway equipment can improve their game. Your unique swing is captured by high-speed, precision software and evaluated by seasoned, certified club specialists to find and fit the right clubs for every level of golfer. Call the golf shop to make your appointment and see what an hour with us can do for your game.

What is a Callaway custom fitting?

This isn’t just a custom fitting; it’s a precision fitting in a state-of-the-art fit bay that utilizes CPAS – the Callaway Performance Analysis System. High-speed cameras and ball-flight simulators track and display all your swing data including everything from launch angles and ball speed to spin rates and club path. With this data we can recommend a variety of shaft and club head combinations in a matter of minutes. We can custom fit you for woods, irons or both and you will leave the appointment with powerful insight on your swing and your custom specifications.

Our Fitting Professionals

      Bobby Weaver

      Certified Club Fitter

      Newton Award Winner

      Keith Deloia

      Certified Club Fitter


Full Fitting (woods and irons) One Hour: $100

Half Fitting (woods or irons) Half Hour: $50

Bring your game – schedule your appointment today!

For your custom club fitting, call 702-897-9500 or e-mail:

6730 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89119 • 702.897.9500